Updated February 29, 2016

If your computer / workstation has a Trojan horse, worm,  malware (spyware) that seems like it cannot be removed - we have the expertise to remove it, making sure nothing is left behind to cause future problems.

Maybe you have a business broadband connection or satellite (KVH/Sea Tel) on your yacht that is not working like it should be. We can help! Are you interested in using video conferencing or voice over internet (VOIP) to save money and increase productivity?  Often computers are slow from years of neglect or get so many popup windows while on the internet that they are almost impossible to use. Give us a call to discuss your particular needs.  Be assured that what looks like an impossible situation to you is more easily solved than you might imagine.

Coronado Computer Service offers hardware and software solutions for all of your problems.  Whether it's a new iMac, MacBook Air, Pro or mini, ASUS, Toshiba, Dell, Gateway, Acer, Lenovo, HP or Sony you have bought and just haven't set up or an older computer that needs more memory to run Windows 8.1 or 10, we are happy to backup your files and photos, set up the PC and get you on your way. We'll provide Wi-Fi for your business or large residence and show you how easy it is to add new computers to your local network. We are also happy to set up any peripherals - Wi-Fi printers, webcams, Smart TVs - to work with your current system and show you how to use them.
CCS offers full support for Mac and Windows operating systems
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